Den. Sec. Eriopexis

(Schltr) Brieger



Tribe: Epidendreae

Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

A small group of species that are either erect or pendulous epiphytes. The group is endemic to New Guinea and grow at moderate altitudes in cloud forests on moss-covered branches. Laverack, et al (Reference 1) consider this a separate Genus; however, the Kew Checklist of Monocots (Reference 6) does not recognize this as a distinct genus. The species are closely related to the Genus Grastidium and differ only in plant habit and the extended column foot. The stems are broad and leaf-like; leaves in two-ranks along the stems with prominent, flattened sheaths. Flowers are in pairs, usually white, large and fleshy. Flowers last less than one day. Lip is tri-lobed and column foot is elongated and forms a mentum.

Derivation: Erion = wool and pexis = fastened tight; name refer to the hairs or warts on the lip.

Culture: The data listed below are averages. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, are recommended.

Number of species:

The Section has about 6-7 species:*Den. eriopexis,*Den. subpetiolatum,*Den. globiflorum, **Den. inflatum, **Den. hellerianum, **Den.. quinquelobata, ***Den. acanthephippiiflora


New Guinea

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