Den. Sec. Euphlebium

Schlechter 1981



Tribe: Epidendreae

Subtribe: : Dendrobiinae

These species occur at low to moderate altitudes with year-round rainfall. They are epiphytes and grow low on mossy tree trunks. The pseudobulbs of these plants are club-shaped, somewhat squared in cross-section, and are rounded towards the base. The stems have a number of internodes with few or no sheaths. The plants have one to three leaves at the apex. The flowers are produced singly or in pairs from depressed nodes below the leaves. They are large, fleshy and short lived.

Derivation: "Beautiful veins" from eu meaning good or beautiful and phlebis meaning vein.

Culture: The culture in the data below are averages. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, are recommended. Note: Plants seem to flower 7-14 days after rainstorms drop the temperatures about 10 degrees during the day.

Number of species:

The World Monocot Checklist recognizes 5 species:*Den. lacteum,*Den. amboinense, **Den. spurium,**Den. coeloglossum, *Den. halmaheirense.


Peninsular Malaysia, Philippines, Borneo to New Guinea

Den amboinense

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