Den. Sec. Fytchianthe




Tribe: Epidendreae

Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

This Section is closely related to Stachyobium, but with larger flowers. It is in Subgenus Dendrobium, which has plants with leaf sheaths and stems that are fleshy for their entire length. The stems are mostly slender but swollen at the base with leaves in two ranks along most of the length. This small group of species becomes completely deciduous before they produce flowers. Inflorescences are erect and occur from the top of the upright pseudobulbs. The plants are epiphytes occuring in low to moderate altitudes in areas that have a seasonal climate. The numerous flowers are large and very attractive with wide petals and a conspicuous 3-lobed lip that is broad, flat and fimbriated at the base.

Culture: The culture in the data below are averages. For cultural recommendations on specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, is strongly encouraged.

Number of species:

4-5 species. *Den. barbatulum, Den. barbatum, Den. fytcheanum, *Den. ovatum, Den. wightii


India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar

Dendrobium fytcheanum - ©2008 Nik Fahmi

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