Den. Sec. Latouria

(Blume) Miq.


Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

Species in this section are characterized by large flowers usually white, yellow or green with black or purple markings on the inner surfaces. The sepals and ovary are often covered with hairs. They are epiphytes of sea level to high altitudes in areas of year-round rainfall. Plants can range in size from very small to very large with flowers that also vary in size, although the large flowered species are generally very popular in cultivation.

Species in this section include: **-***D. aberrans (small size), *-**D. alexandrae, *-**D. atroviolaceum, *D. bifalce, *D. convolutum, **-***D. engae, *-**D. eximium, **D. finisterrae,** D. forbesii, *-**D. johnsoniae, *D. macrophyllum,*-** D. polysema,**D. rhodostictum, and *D. spectabile.

*Warm, **Intermediate, ***Cool

The cultural guidelines as presented in the table below are general. For specific cultural guidelines, it is recommended you consult the references listed below.

Number of species:

About 50 species


From the Philippines to Samoa with the center of distribution in Papua New Guinea where about 45 species are found. 


Dendrobium macrophyllum -©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. polysema - ©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. rhodostichtum - ©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. convolutum - ©2009 Eric Hunt

Den. engae - ©2009 Eric Hunt

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