Den. Sec. Oxyglossum



Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

Species in the Section Oxyglossum occur in cool to intermediate temperatures at moderate to high altitudes in mist or montane forests with consistently high humidities and very little seasonal variation in rainfall or temperatures. About ten of the species grow in Alpine mountainous zones, including Den. brevicaule and Den. dekockii. Two species, Den. cyanocentrum and Den. masarangense, grow at almost sea level. The species are mostly epiphytic and usually grow on small, horizontal branches of trees in primary forests. At higher altitudes and wetter areas, the plants may be terrestrial or semi-terrestrial, colonizing banks, ditches and road -cuttings or on rocks. The flowers are large in comparison to the plants and are usually very colorful, variable in color, and long-lasting. The flowers are on short inflorescences and are few flowered. The section is closely related to Calyptrochilus and Pedilonum. Plants are small and form clumps or are pendulous. Light levels vary from bright to heavily shaded and all species require strong air movement. Pollination is probably by the honeyeater birds.

Derived from oxy- meaning pointed or sharp and glossa meaning tongue or lip. Refers to the lip structure being pointed.

Culture: There are many species in this section which vary greatly in cultural requirements. Some are cool growers (45-70 Degrees), some are intermediate (55-79 degrees) and two species are warmer growers (65-85 degrees). The data below are only averages. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, is highly recommended.


Number of species:

The Section has about 30 species, including: Den.brassii, Den. brevicaule, *Den. cyanocentrum, Den. dekockii, Den. habbemense, Den. hellwigianum, Den. juncoideum, Den. lancilabium, *Den. masarangense, Den. nardoides, Den. nebularum, Den. pachythrix, Den. pentapterum, Den. petiolatum, Den. puniceum, Den. putnamii, Den. seranicum, Den. subacaule, Den. subuliferum, Den. sulphureum, Den. undatialatum, Den. vexillarius, *Den. violaceominiatum, Den. violaceum


New Guinea (center of distribution with at least 24), Sulawesi (2), Moluccas (3), Solomons (6), Caroline Islands (1) and Fiji (2) 

Dendrobium cyanocentrum 'Old Blue Eyes' CCM/AOS - ©2009 AOS archives

Den. subuliferum 'Snow Top' CCM/AOS - ©2009 AOS archives

Den. subuliferum 'Snow Top' CHM/AOS- ©2009 AOS archives

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