Den. Sec. Pleianthe



Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

According to Laverack, et al, Ref. 1, this Section has only one or two species which grow epiphytically or terrestrially in moderate to high altitudes in primary or secondary rainforests. The Section belongs to the subgenus, Xerobium, which includes plants with stems that are wiry, dry, and always very slender. The Section is closely related to Grastidium, but differs in the structure of the inflorescence. The slender stems are upright with leaves along the length. Inflorescences are short and produce four to ten 3-lobed flowers, which only last a few days.

Culture: The culture in the data below are averages. For growing data for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, are highly recommended.

Number of species:

Den. pleianthum and perhaps Den. phragmitoides


Papua New Guinea to Solomon Islands 

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