Den. Sec. Spatulata (syn. sect. Ceratobium)


Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

A distinctive group of sympodial, mostly epiphytic, tropical orchids within the large and diverse genus Dendrobium, section Spatulata species are characterized by their spirally twisted floral segments and asymmetrical flowers. They are commonly known as “antelope orchids”. The majority are vigorous, robust, tall-growing plants which require warm, tropical conditions, and copious feeding and watering during the growing season. The generally erect inflorescences are produced from nodes on the upper portion of the cane-like pseudobulb, and in some species carry up to 50 flowers.
A number of these species are widely grown in tropical climates as greenhouse and garden plants. They also have a long history in the breeding of “hardcane” Dendrobium hybrids, especially in combination with sect. Phalaenanthe.
Some of the best known species include D. discolor , D. taurinum, D. lasianthera, D. lineale, D. antennatum, D. stratiotes, and the atypical dwarf species, D. canaliculatum.

Number of species:

Around 50 species


Northern Australia, New Guinea, Pacific islands, Indonesia. Philippines. 

Dendrobium discolor - ©2009 Greg Allikas

Den. johannis - ©2009 Eric Hunt

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