Den. Sec. Trachyrhizum



Tribe: Epidendreae
Subtribe: Dendrobiinae

Species in the Section Trachyrhizum are in the Subgenus Dendrobium, which has plants that have stems fleshy for the entire length. The plants grow at about 2600-4250 ft. in mountainous areas of year-round moist climates (cloud forests). They are mostly epiphytic. The lip of the flowers are hinged and bilobed at the apex with a spur-like projection. Inflorescences are short with few flowers. The stems are long and slender and swollen with leaves in two ranks on the apical half.

Culture: The species in this section are in varied locations with distinct growing conditions. The culture in the data below are averages. For cultural recommendations for specific species, literature, such as Reference 1 & 2, is strongly encouraged.


Number of species:

Approx. six to nine species. *Den. agrostophyllum, Den. chalmersii, Den. cyrtolobum, Den. finetianum, Den. prostheciglossum, Den. viridiflorum


New Guinea to New Caledonia (1) and Northeastern Australia (1) with the Center of Distribution in New Guinea.

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