JC/AOS An American Orchid Society award denoting a Judges Commendation, awarded to flowers or plants, individually or in groups, for a distinctive characteristic or aspect of historical or other importance that, in the opinion of the judges, is worthy of recognition.

Jacquiniella (jack-in-ee-ELL-ah)  A small genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids related to Ponera and Isochilus. It was established in 1920 by Schlechter, the name commemorating the Austrian botanist, Nikolaus Joseph von Jacquin (1727—1817), who collected and described many American plants.

japonicaSedirea japonica is found in Japan.

japonicus, -a, -um (ja-PON-ik-us) Native of Japan; Japanese.

javanicus, -a, -um (ja-VAN-ik-us) Native of Java; Javanese.

jointed (JOYN-ted) With nodes, or points of real or apparent articulation.

jugosus, -a, -um (joo-GOH-sus) Furrowed, lipped; mountainous; connected or yoked.

Jumellea (joo-MELL-ah)  A sizable genus of epiphytic orchids from Madagascar and tropical Africa, closely related to Angraecum, it was described by Schlechter in 1914 and dedicated to Professor Henry Jumelle, a French botanist from Marseilles who investigated the flora of Madagascar in the late nineteenth century.

juncifolia: Octomeria juncifolia has rush-like foliage.

juncifolius, -a, -um (jun-ki-FOH-lee-us) Rush-leaved.