quadratus, -a, -um (kwad-RAY-tus) Four-sided; quadrate.

quadricolor: Cattleya quadricolor has four-colored flowers.

quadricolor (KWAD-ri-ko-lor) Four-colored.

quadricornis, -e (kwad-ri-KOR-niss) Four-horned.

quadrigeneric (kwad-ri-jen-AIR-ik) Pertaining to four genera; used particularly in reference to hybrids combining members of four genera.

quaquaversal (kwa-kwa-VER-sal) Turning or twisting in any direction.

quaternatus, -a, -um (kwa-ter-NAY-tus) In fours; quaternate.

quinatus, -a, -um (kwin-AY-tus) In fives.

quinquenervis, -e (kwin-kwe-NER-viss) Having five nerves or veins.

quinquepartitus, -a, -um (kwin-kwe-par-TYE-tus) Being five-parted.

quinquevulneraAerides quinquevulnera is named for the crimson tips of the petals and sepals.

quinquevulnerus, -a, -um (kwin-kwe-vul-NER-us) Having five wounds, or blood-red spots.

Quisumbing, Eduardo (1895—1986) Philippine botanist who collaborated extensively with Oakes Ames on modern study of Philippine orchids, he is commemorated by many orchids including Tuberolabium quisumbingii.