ubiquitous (yoo-BIK-wi-tuhs) Everywhere; growing in all types of habitats.

uliginosa: Capanemia uliginosa 'Dolores' CCM/AOS grows in swampy forests In Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro states of Brazil.

uliginosus, -a, -um (yew-lij-in-OH-sus) Of or from marshes and wet places.

umbel (UM-bell) An inflorescence in which the peduncles or pedicels of a cluster spring from the same point on the floral axis.

umbellate (UM-bell-ayt) Like an umbel

umbellet (UM-bell-et) A secondary umbel

umbrosus, -a, -um (um-BROH-sus) Shade-loving.

uncinatus, -a, -um (un-sin-AY-tus) Hooked; bent at the end; like a hook; uncinate.

undulatus, -a, -um (un-dew-LAY-tus) Waved; wavy; with a wavy margin or surface; undulate.

unguiculatus, -a, -um (un-gwik-yew-LAY-tus) Contracted at the base into a claw or narrow stalk; unguiculate.

uni- (YOO-nee or YOO-nih) A prefix meaning one.

unicornis, -e (yew-ni-KOR-niss) One-horned.

uniflora: Anguloa uniflora bears single flowers.

uniflorus, -a, -um (yew-ni-FLOR-us) One-flowered, or having single-flowered peduncles.

unifoliate (yew-ni-FOH-lee-ayt) One-leaved.

unilateral (yew-ni-LAT-er-ul) One-sided; arranged on a single side only; secund.

unisexual: Cycnoches cooperi bears flowers that are either male or female. Shown here is a female flower.

unisexual (yew-ni-SEK-shu-al) With flowers of one sex only, either staminate (male) or pistillate (female).

urceolatus, -a, -um (er-see-oh-LAY-tus) Hollow and cylindrical or ovoid, and contracted at or below the mouth like an urn; urn-shaped; urceolate.

urens (YEW-renz) Stinging; burning.

urophyllus, -a, -um (yew-roh-FILL-us) With leaves like a tail.

ursinus, -a, -um (er-SYE-nus) Like a bear, in smell or other respects.

utilis, -e (YEW-till-iss) Useful.

utricle (YEW-trih-kuhl) A bladder-like body

utricularioides (yew-trik-yew-layr-ee-OY-deez) Resembling the bladderwort, Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae.)

utriculatus, -a, -um (yew-trik-yew-LAY-tus) Bladderlike; inflated; utriculate.