Wang, F. T. (1929—) Prominent Chinese botanist who published with T. Tang.

warm house (wawrm hous) A greenhouse intended for the growing of warm-growing tropical plants, the minimum night temperature usually maintained at 60 F.

Warmingia eugenii is one of four species in the genus.

Warmingia (war-MING-ee-a)  The four epiphytic species in this genus are native to Brazil. Reichenbach described the genus, in 1881, naming it in honor of Prof. Eugenius Warming, who founded the science of Ecology.

Warrea (WARR-ee-ah) A genus of four species of mainly South American terrestrial orchids, related to Zygopetalum. It was established in 1843 by Lindley who named it in honor of Frederick Warre, Esq., who first collected the type species in Brazil in 1829. 

Warrella (WAR-ee-a) The two terrestrial species in this genus come from the mountains of Colombia and Venezuela. Schlechter founded the genus, in 1914, using the diminutive form of Warrea to denote that this was a segregate genus.

Warczewiczella (var-shuh-vi-CHEL-lah) A small genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids with eleven species. Warczewiczella was described by Reichenbach in 1852 in honor of the Polish botanist Dr. Josef Warscewicz (1812—1866), who collected in Central and South America.

weed (weed) Any plant growing out of place.

wetting agent (WET-ing AY-gent) Any surfactant, functionally aiding the even dispersal and application of pesticides.

whorl (wurl) The arrangement of parts, such as leaves, in a circle around an axis.

Williams, Louis O. (1908—1991) American botanist, expert on Mesoamerican plants, orchidologist specializing in Fiji, Argentina, and Mexican and/or Mesoamerican floristics, commemorated by numerous plants including the genus Neowilliamsia.

Wilsonara (wil-sun-AH-ra) A former hybrid genus derived from CochliodaOdontoglossum and Oncidium created in 1916. With the reordering of the Onciidinae these hybrids are now Oncicium.

wing (wing) Any more or less membranaceous expansion of an organ or part.

woolly (WUL-lee) Provided with long, soft, and more or less matted hairs; like wool; lanate.

World Orchid Conference:
Crowds at the 19th World Orchid Conference, held in Miami in 2009.

World Orchid Conference (WOC) A triennial event established in October 1954, the first one held in St. Louis, Missouri. 

wort (wort) An old word for a plant or herb; now used only in combination, as "motherwort," "spiderwort," "liverwort."