xanthina: Cattleya xanthina has yellow flowers.

xanthinus, -a, -um (zan-THYE-nus) Yellow; yellowish; xanthous.

xanthodon (ZAN-thoh-don) Yellow-toothed.

xantholeucus, -a, -um (zan-tho-LEW-kuss) Yellowish white.

xanthophlebius, -a, -um (zan-tho-FLEE-bi-us) Yellow-veined.

xanthophyllus, -a, -um (zan-tho-FILL-us) Yellow-leaved.

xanthous Yellow or yellow-green.

xaxim (SHAH-sheem) Brazilian term for tree fern and also for the fiber from it.

xerophyte: Cattleya teretecaulis grows as a xerophyte on the rocks of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

xerophyte (ZEER-oh-fite) A plant adapted for growth under dry conditions.

xiphifolius, -a, -um (ziff-i-FOH-lee-us) Having leaves like an Iris; iris-leaved; swordlike.

xylem (ZYE-lem) That part of a vascular bundle which consists of vessel elements, tracheids and associated cells, which function in water transport throughout the plant.

Xylobium: Xylobium colleyi is widespread throughout the tropical Americas.

Xylobium (zye-LOH-bee-um) A genus of 29 species of pseudobulbous epiphytic orchids from Central and South America, related to Bifrenaria and Lycaste. It was established by Lindley in 1825, the name referring to the epiphytic habit of the species.