zebrinus, -a, -um (ze-BRYE-nus) Zebra-striped; striped.

Zeuxine (zook-SEEN-ee)    A genus of 30 species of terrestrial orchids extending from Africa through India and Malaysia to Samoa, and recently introduced into southern United States. Many Zeuxine species are "jewel orchids" related to Erythrodes and Goodyera and were established by Lindley in 1825, the name probably referring to the partial union of the lip and column.

zeylanicus, -a, -um (zee-LAN-ik-us) Native of Ceylon; Ceylanese. 

zonatus, -a,-um (zoh-NAY-tus) Banded or marked with a zone of a distinct color; zonate.

Zootrophion: Zootrophion hirtzii has flowers that resemble an animal head.

Zootrophion (zo-oh-TRO-fee-on)   A small genus of 11 epiphytic species from Jamaica, Central and South America. Luer founded the genus, in 1982, coining the generic name from the Greek word "menagerie" as he likened the flowers to animal heads.

zygomorphic (zye-go-MOR-fik) Capable of being divided into symmetrical halves in one plane only (usually the anterior-posterior), as the flowers of orchids; bilaterally symmetrical.

Zygopetalum (zye-go-PET-a-lum)   A genus of 15 species of terrestrial and epiphytic orchids restricted to South America. It is related to Colax and Promenaea, having been founded by Hooker in 1827, the name referring to the yokelike callus on the base of the lip.

Zygosepalum: Zygosepalum lindeniae is found in northern South America.

Zygosepalum (zye-go-SEP-ah-lum) A genus of seven species of handsome epiphytic orchids from northern South America, related to Zygopetalum and formerly known as Menadenium. It was founded by Reichenbach in 1803, the name referring to the sepals that are basally connate.

Zygostates (zye-go-STAY-teez)  A genus of seven species of dwarf epiphytes from South America, related to Ornithocephalus. It was established by Lindley in 1837, the name referring to the well-developed staminodes at the base of the column. 

zygote (ZYE-goht) The cell produced by the union of two gametes; the individual developing from such a cell.