Air Conditioning


My collection of orchids, including cymbidiums, cattleyas, dendrobiums and vandas, is situated in an area behind my home. Unfortunately, the air conditioning condenser unit is also in this area. My concern is that I live in Southern California and during the hot summer months when the unit is operating, it blows hot air around my orchids. My husband does not think this air is damaging but I fear that he is mistaken and it can harm or stunt their growth. What do you think? - Conchita Alejo


I would try to shield the orchids from the blast of the air-conditioning condenser. Hot, and probably dry, air emanating from this source can do the orchids no good, especially in the already dry climate of Southern California's interior region. The additional stress that would place on the plants during the warm and dry summer months will result in poorer growth and flowering. - Ned Nash