Dendrobium Care


Please tell me how to grow Dendrobium spectabile and Dendrobium eximium. All I was told is that they come from an area where there is lots of rainfall. —Jose Bona

Dendrobium spectabile 'Bunny', HCC/AOS Exhibitor, Leon Rademacher. Photo by Karl Siegler


Charles and Margaret Baker, in their book Orchid Species Culture: Dendrobium, indicate that both of these plants would grow well in rather high light in intermediate to warm conditions (mid 80s during the day with a 10- to 20º F drop at night). Moisture is consistent throughout the year, with some dryness in winter months, though the humidity remains high. The Bakers' information indicates that while Den. eximium will flower easily and young, Den. spectabile is more difficult to flower in temperate areas, because it requires a slightly cooler and drier rest, as well as needing to be a fairly large plant. —Ned Nash