Encyclia lancifolia (now Prosthechea cochleata var. cochleata)


I recently purchased an Encyclia lancifolia (now Prosthechea cochleata var. cochleata) after I fell in love with its fragrance. The plant I bought does not have spikes and has pretty much been the same since I bought it. From what I have gathered, it requires conditions similar to cattleyas. I have it in a west-facing window with venetian blinds and in temperatures ranging between 59 F and 70 F. I water about once a week. The average humidity in the room is around 50 percent, although it ranges from 40 to 62 percent.The psuedobulbs are firm and not shriveled. —Jeff Kozma

Prosthechea cochleata var. cochleata 'Sockie' CHM/AOS 


With this plant, you should have no problems that a little time and patience will not cure. It will indeed grow like a cattleya, and is now considered to be Prosthechea cochleata var. cochleata. Your conditions sound fine. It may take some time before the sheaths actually develop inflorescences within, or it may even take another growth cycle, as Cattleya Alliance types may develop a false sheath on the pseudobulb before the one that first flowers. This is indeed a fragrant and floriferous species that is worth waiting for it to begin to flower, but once it does, it should be among the most satisfactory of your plants. —Ned Nash