The Larger the Better


I am growing orchids under lights at a day temperature of 75 degrees with relative humidity of 50 percent. Can you supply me with the names of some plants that have large pseudobulbs that would do well under these conditions? I am fascinated by orchids with large pseudobulbs. —Aaron Garvin

Lycaste macrobulbon has large pseudobulbs and flowers in the winter before new growth begins.


I will presume that you are interested in orchids that have large pseudobulbs that will also flower indoors under lights. Also I will resist steering you toward Sobralia cattleya, an orchid that I saw growing in Medellin, Colombia with pseudobulbs or canes more than 20 feet high. 

You could concentrate your efforts on some anguloas such as Anguloa cliftonii or lycastes like Lycaste macrobulbon and the hybrids between these two genera, Angulocaste. Some of these will tolerate relatively low-light conditions and at least over the winter will have plump, showy pseudobulbs. Plants of Catasetum and Cycnoches often have attractive pseudobulbs, the surface being matte rather than shiny, but they will be difficult to bloom under lights. Among the oncidiums to consider is Oncidium tigrinum, which may flower under lights and has quite large shiny pseudobulbs on a mature plant. Peristeria elata, the dove orchid, has large interestingly shaped pseudobulbs and may possibly bloom under lights. — 
Andy Easton