Nomenclature and Seedlings vs Mericlones

It’s easy to talk with your friends about orchids using common names like moth orchids and lady's-slippers. But as your interest in orchids grows, you may want to learn their botanical names.

Stephen Batchelor demystifies orchid nomenclature in this lesson, Nomenclature, and Seedling Versus Meristems.  It will help you understand the proper labeling of your plants—from genus and species to grex and cultivar—and the benefits you’ll derive from it. 

At the same time, if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between a seedling and a mericlone, look no further.  Stephen does a masterful job explaining the sexual reproduction that characterizes the two.

Learning your orchids’ proper name and how they came to be will add another dimension to your orchid growing pleasure.  Mastering orchid nomenclature will eliminate the twist from your tongue and enable you to talk about orchids with confidence.

Download the lesson in PDF format by clicking here.