Orchid Culture: Propagation

One of the joys of orchid growing is exchanging plants. Many of the early additions to my collection were given to me by fellow orchid growers.  

As an orchid hobbyist, you have several simple and reliable methods at hand with which to multiply your orchids so that you can share them with others. In his lesson, Orchid Culture:  Propagation on a Small Scale, Stephen Batchelor shows you a couple of ways to multiply your collection. 

  • Division - After a mature orchid plant has grown and flowered for several years, it often becomes too large for the size pot in which it is growing.  You can divide many of these plants, such as cattleyas, into two or more separate individuals, often by simply cutting the plant into individual pieces during the repotting process.
  • Keikis - Some types of orchids, such as dendrobiums, will develop offshoots along the stem. They are small but individual plants. The young offshoot, or keiki as it is often called, can be removed from the mother plant and potted up.

When a plant becomes so large that it is unruly or when you have keikis that need to leave the nest, consider sharing them with your friends.  Spread the orchid love!

Download the lesson in PDF format by clicking here.