April 2019

 April 2019

April 2019

The April issue is our annual awards issue featuring an article by Nile Dusdieker detailing the stunning winners of the 2017 year-end special awards and a recap by Carol Klonowki of the 52 First Class Certificate winners from 2018.  These along with 16 pages of new AOS awards and a beautifully illustrated article by Sergey and Elena Skoropad on the creation of small orchid displays, make the April issue especially stunning.

Rounding out our April issue

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist
  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Eriopsis werklei
  • For the Novice - Adaptations to the Epiphytic Lifestyle
  • Judges' Forum - An analysis of AOS Awards to Standard Cymbidiums
  • Judges' Corner - The Species Identification Task Force: Photographs and Requirements
  • Orchid Gardens - Inkaterra, Peru by Thomas Mirenda
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Also in this issue

  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Eriopsis werklei by Grettel Salguero and Franco Pupulin
  • For the Novice: Adaptation to an Epiphytic Lifestyle - Sue Bottom
  • Judges' Corner: The Species Identification Taskforce - Jay Norris
  • Orchids Illustrated - Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins
  • Judges' Forum: An Analysis of Cymbidium Awards - Kevin Hill
  • Look Twice, Think Thrice: The 2018 First Class Certificates - Carol Klonowski
  • The 2017 Year-End Special Awards: Special Orchids, Special People - Nile S. Dusdieker
  • The Art of Small Displays - Sergey and Elena Skoropad

Articles in this issue