January 2023

 January 2023

January 2023

Arthur Chadwick revisits First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt's namesake Cattleya Eleanor Roosevelt in his continuing series First Ladies and Their Cattleyas. Reshu Bashyal, Jacob Phelps and Kumar Paudel introduce us to Nepal's medicinal orchid trade featuring three of Nepal's terrestrial species and Olaf Gruss, Leonid Averyanov and Chu Xuan Canh introduce us to Paphiopedilum canhii named in honor of Mr. Canh.  Rounding out our January features is Part 1 of A Nod to Dendrobiums by Andrew Coghill-Behrends in which he discusses two closely related, and often confused, species in section Latouria:endrobium atroviolaceum and Dendrobium normanbyense.

Rounding out our January magazine issue

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist
  • Orchid Places -  Pyrorchis nigricans by Tom Mirenda
  • Collector's Item - Gastrorchis (Haraella) retrocallus by Judith Rapacz-Hasler
  • For the Novice - The Nurseryman's Test - Early Subtle Signs of Virus by Sue Bottom
  • Judge's Corner - Judging Floriferousness, Part 4: Miltoniopsis and "Odontoglossum" scales by Andrew Coghill-Behrends
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Also in this issue

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist - By Tom Mirenda
  • For the Novice - The Nursery Man’s Test - Early Subtle Signs of Virus by Sue Bottom
  • Collector's Item - Haraella retrocalla  by Judith Rapacz-Hassler
  • Judge's Corner - Judging Floriferousness, Part 4: Miltoniopsis  and "Odontoglossum " by Andrew Coghill-Behrends
  • Orchid Places - Pyrorchis  by Tom Mirenda
  • A Nod to Dendrobium -  Dendrobium atroviolaceum  and Dendrobium normanbyense   by
  • Andrew Coghill-Behrends
  • First Ladies and their Cattleyas - Eleanor Roosevelt by Arthur E. Chadwick
  • Uncovering Nepal’s Medicinal Orchid Trade by Reshu Bashyal and Jacob Phelps
  • Paphiopedilum Canhii  Aver. & O.Gruss by Olaf Gruss, Leonid Averyanov, and Chu Xuan Canh

Articles in this issue