June 2021

 June 2021

June 2021

Our June issue is traditionally the month in which we publish the winner of the prior-year's Dillon-Peterson Essay Contest and announce the topic for the current year. Congratulations to Carol Zakahi of Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  This month also features a beautifully illustrated article by Jean-Michel Hervouet and Chantal Misandeau on Ambodiriana forest protection in Madagascar and David Rosenfeld, MD continues his series Who Were These Guys? with a historical look at James Veitch, Sr. and the brothers Thomas and William Lobb.

Rounding out our June issue

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist
  • Orchid Places -Attached Greenhouses by Arthur E. Chadwick
  • Genus of the Month - Aeranthes and the Green-Eyed Monster by Thomas Mirenda
  • Judges' Corner - Judging Miltoniopsis by Mark Whelan
  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Stanhopea ecornuta by Franco Pupulin
  • Collector's Item - Dendrobium cuthbertsonii; two different perspectives provided by Tom Perlite and Elisabeth Breitenstein
  • Orchids Illustrated - Women Illustrators - Matlida Smith by Wesley Higgins and Peggy Alrich
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Also in this issue

  • The New Refugium Botanicum - TBD
  • Collector's Item - Dendrobium cuthbersonii - Two perspectives by Elisabeth Breitenstein and Tom Perlite
  • Orchids Illustrated - Women Illustrators: Matilda Smith by Wesley Higgins and Peggy Alrich
  • Ambodiriana Forest Protection in Madagascar by Jean-Michel Hervouet and Chantal MisandeauTranslation by Thierry Pain
  • Announcement of the 2020 Dillon-Peterson Essay Contest Winner

Articles in this issue