October 2018

 Cymbidiums - Supplement 2018

Cymbidiums - Supplement 2018

This 80 color-packed page supplement explores the world of cymbidiums, from its beginning with Cymbidium Alexanderi 'Westonbirt' to the development of heat-tolerant grammatocymbidiums.  There's something here for everyone. For the species lovers, Keshab Pradhan surveys the cymbidiums of the Indian Himalayas, Keith Andrew discusses his experiences with Cymbidium devonianum and Nancy McClellan, Kevin Hill and Kathy Barrett expose us to Cymbidium madidum and its hybrids. If you are fascinated by pendulous cymbidiums (and if you aren't, you should be), George Hatfield brings us up to date with breeding lines in this group. Ken Jacobsen does a beautiful job of covering section Jensoa and its hybrids and for the students of hybridizing, John Dunkelberger gives us his thoughts on genetics and breeding in cymbidiums. Love those big, round, classic cymbidiums? Then you will not want to miss Greg Bryants article on white cymbidiums, Carol Butcher's on the development of red cymbidiums and Kevin Butler's articles on those sometimes shocking spotted and peloric hybrid lines.  Last but not least, for those of us with conditions that are too warm for the classic breeding lines, Kobsukh Kaenratana discusses intergeneric grammatocymbidiums designed to introduce heat (not warmth) tolerance.

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Also in this issue

  • Cymbidium Alexanderi 'Westonbirt' - Jean Allen-Ikeson
  • Cymbidiums of the Indian Himalayas - Keshab C. Pradhan
  • Cymbidium devonianum - Keith A. Andrews
  • Cymbidium madidum - Nancy McClellan, Kevin Hill and Kathy Barrett
  • New Pathways in Pendulous Cymbidiums - George Hatfield
  • Cymbidium Section Jensoa - Kenneth P. Jacobsen
  • Cymbidiums: Thoughts on Genetics and Breeding - John A. Dunkelberger
  • Spotlight: A Pertinaceous Pathway to a CCE - Jerry Kessler
  • White Cymbidiums and Charisma - Greg Bryant
  • Red Cymbidiums - Carol Butcher
  • Spotted and Peloric Cymbidiums - Kevin Butler
  • Grammatocymbidiums: A Route to Heat Tolerance - Kobsukh Kaenratana

Articles in this issue