September 2018

 September 2018

September 2018

In the September issue, Bill Thoms discusses Bulbophyllum amplebracteatum subsp. carunculatum (Bulbophyllum carunculatum) and some of its hybrids in a beautifully illustrated article. Rudolph Jenny presents Phaius daenikeri, a horticulturally desirable species from New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Samoa and Benjamin Crain introduces us to the orchids of Palau, an island nation nestled between the Philippines and New Guinea.  If you like habenarias, Leon Glicenstein compares the newly named species Habenaria janellehayneana. Although newly named, it is not new to cultivation, having masqueraded as Habenaria rhodocheila 'Rose', 'Hot Pink', and even the "snapdragon flower" for some time. For those of you looking for something you don't have to repot, fertilize or water, M. Lokeswara Rao extolls the virtues of orchid stamp collecting.Rounding out the September issue, Franco Pupulin and Lizbeth Oses discuss Masdevallia chasei in this month's installment of The New Refugium Botanicum and Tom Mirenda completes his two-page essay on Chinese cypripediums in the Genus of the Month. Sue Bottom discusses the causes of leaf reddening and Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins introduce us to Flora and Sylva in this month's Orchids Illustrated feature. Remember the movie In the Heat of the Night?  Did you know that the most important scene in the movie took place in an orchid greenhouse?  You'll want to read Arthur Chadwick's Parting Shot revisiting the movie and its relationship to orchids.

The October Orchids Magazine Issue

  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana
  • The Genus of the Month - Galeandras by Thomas Mirenda
  • For the Novice - Orchid Hygiene by Sue Bottom
  • Orchids Illustrated - The Genus Cymbidium by Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins
  • Collector's Item - Angraecum mahavavense by Brenda Oviatt and Bill Nerison
  • Ansellia - the Species and its Hybrids by Michael Tibbs
  • Miniature Cymbidium Hybrids by Estaban (Steve) Gonzalez
  • Who Were These Guys? Part 6 - Wilhelm Micholitz by David Rosenfeld, MD
  • Bulbophyllum Karen Lewis - Or Bulbophyllum echinolabium and its Effects in Breeding by Bill Thoms
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Also in this issue

  • Genus of the Month -  Chinese Cypripediums: Part 2
  • For the Novice - Leaf Reddening - Sign of Stress
  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Masdevallia chasei
  • Bulbophyllum carunculatum by Bill Thoms
  • A New Habenaria species in town by Leon Glicenstein
  • Phaius daenikeri and Alfred Ulrich Daeniker by Rudolf Jenny
  • Orchids of Palau by Benjamin Crain
  • Orchids on Stamps by M. Lokeswara Rao

Articles in this issue