September 2020

 September 2020

September 2020

Clare Hermans and Johan Hermans treat us to another of their excellent articles on the history and orchids of Madagascar with In the Footsteps of Dr. Fox. Joseph Tregelles Fox, Medical Missionary and his Orchid Discoveries in Madagascar in which they retrace some of Fox's journeys on the island.  Rudolf Jenny presents Psychopsielle limminghei and its relationship to Count Alfred Marie Antoine van den Berghe de Limminghe. This stunning miniature deserves to be grown in more of our collections.  Confused by Phragmipedium dalessandroi and Phragmipedium besseae?  Cannot tell them apart?  Olaff Gruss presents a detailed comparison and rounding out this month's features Larry Sexton introduces us to the culture of Platystele.  Want to try growing something different?  Perhaps platysteles are just what the doctor ordered.

Rounding out our September issue:

  • Tom's Monthly Checklist
  • Collector's Item - Bulbophyllum section Intervallatae by Charles Wilson
  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Pleurtothallis luna-crescens by Melissa Díaz-Morales and Franco Pupulin
  • Orchids Illustrated - Thelymitra by Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins
  • Conservation Update - Tom Mirenda introduces two new conservation grants on Madagascar and Andy Huber introduces us to GROWISER, one of the 2020 Keenan Award recipient
  • Orchids of the World - Into Africa, Part 5 - Mauritius and its Orchid Wonders by Tom Mirenda
  • Judges' Corner - What's a Clade Anyway? by Wesley Higgins
  • Lindleyana - Cypripedium montanum - By Tara Luna
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Also in this issue

  • The New Refugium Botanicum - Pleurothallis luna-crescens by Franco Pupulin and Mselissa Díaz
  • Collector's Item - Bulbophyllum caloglossum by Charles Wilson
  • Orchids Illustrated - Thelymitra by Peggy Alrich and Wesley Higgins
  • Phragmipedium dalessandroi by Olaf Gruss
  • Platystele - Try Growing Something Different by Larry Sexton
  • Psychopsislimminghei and Alfred de Limminghe by Rudolf Jenny
  • Into Africa: Part 5 - Mauritius by Thomas Mirenda
  • Lindleyana - Pollination Biology of a Leading-Edge Population of Cypripedium montanum (Douglas ex Lindl) in South-Central Alaska by Tara Luna

Articles in this issue