Dendrobium Orchids and Medicine

Jacqui Bowman
Tuesday, July 11th, 2023
Orchids have been used in medicine for hundreds of years, especially in Asian cultures. In 2021, the AOS Education Committee gave a grant to Jacqui Bowman of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia - Mütter Museum for a project titled, "Dendrobium Orchids and Medicine"


Jacqui Bowman of the Mütter Museum was given an education grant to research the use of Dendrobium orchids in medicine and create a display at the museum. Sixteen different species of Dendrobium were displayed, along with signage explaining their connection to medicine, and a telephone number for people to call to get additional information. Because of the close ties between the medicinal use of orchids and Asian cultures, part of this grant involved reaching out to the Chinese American community in Philadelphia.

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