Youth Education Programs

The American Orchid Society’s (AOS) Education Committee firmly believes that children are the future of our organization. We actively promote our programs and activities at botanical gardens, orchid societies, girl and boy scout troops, classrooms, and orchid shows.

In 2022, we created and published an AOS sticker book, Stuck on Orchids, which can be used alone or with its instructor’s guide. Other youth programs include craft activities, orchid scavenger hunts, and The Junior Flower Show. Listed below are descriptions and instructions for our current Youth Programs. In many cases, these youth programs would qualify for an AOS Education Committee Grant [Link], if a funding source is needed. Please see the information provided on our grant page. If you have any questions about these programs or suggestions for new programs, please email

Kids Corner

The goals of this program are to engage and educate children that are attending an orchid show. A Kids Corner can easily be set up at a show. Detailed instructions are provided for all the activities, which include art activities, worksheets, sorting boxes and an orchid hunt. This can be run by orchid society or youth volunteers.

Junior Flower Show

The goals of a Junior Flower show are to educate and empower children as they receive small Phalaenopsis orchids and learn how to raise them on their own. This program is best run in a classroom setting where the children can be taught about Orchidaceae, raising orchids, and showing orchids, which typically occurs over two sessions. Their orchids are then entered into a local orchid show.

Scout Interest Project

The Scout Interest Project is open to girl or boy scout troops. The children determine the type of project they would like to conduct, set the project parameters, conduct the project, and submit a final report and article for Orchids magazine. Each child receives an AOS patch. Past projects have included setting up a Kids Corner at Orchid Quest, cleaning out a bog with native orchids, repairing an orchid greenhouse and inventorying an orchid collection.

Stuck on Orchids

With the goals of engaging and educating children, the AOS Education Committee created the first-ever AOS sticker book, Stuck on Orchids. This book is 16 pages printed on coloring book paper and 51 full-color stickers. This makes a great gift for a child and can be purchased at the AOS Store. It can also be used in conjunction with its Instructor’s Guide to be the basis of a Youth Education Class or a Kids Corner.

Youth Education Class

The Education Committee has created orchid activity worksheets that are fun and engaging for children. These are provided free of charge and can be used in classroom science lessons. For a more in-depth class, the Stuck on Orchids sticker book can be used as the core of the class. These are offered at wholesale prices and include an Instructor’s Guide. In most cases, an Education Committee Grant would be available to fund the class, if necessary.