AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton (8)

AOS Greenhouse Chat with Ron McHatton

Greenhouse Chat September 2023

04:52 Getting new roots to grow
09:49 Clear pots and does it help with photosynthesis
12:25 Bud blasting
16:00 Dendrobium leaf tips turning yellow
18:42 Vanda lamellata exposed to cold temps
23:12 Insect larvae in the bloom stem
26:13 Isolating new plants
30:24 cattleya bud sheaths turning brown
33:43 Hard water deposit removal
36:00 Staking/reorientating inflorescences
39:20 Phragmipedium leaf damage
41:58 White flecks in the medium
43:36 Vanda falcata will not bloom
45:33 Dendrobium bracteosum leaf damage
47:47 Bud blast
50:40 Sterilizing a cutting tool
52:25 Reusing plastic pots
53:57 What kind of torch to sterilize your tools
55:10 Propagation overview
56:52 Using antiseptic wipes to sterilize tools

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