Cattleya loddigesii 2024-04-01

Posted on April 01, 2024

SITF has determined this plant to be Cattleya loddigesii (Jun 2024). Neither C. loddigesii nor C. harrisoniana can be separately identified with absolute certainty. This plant matches the description of C. loddigesii in Withner's "The Cattleyas and their Relatives, Vol. 1"; however, as Withner states, C. harrisoniana was considered a long-time variety of C. loddigesii. It was most certain to have been crossed and back-crossed many times between the two when they were considered the same species and registered as C. loddigesii. The two species also overlap in their habitats and form natural hybrids, which with back-crosses also has led to introgression between the two species. This plant is very similar to the awarded loddigesii #20141868, confirmed by SITF in May 2014 and, as does the previous award, has some similar traits of C. harrisoniana.

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