Monthly Judging

The 27 AOS judging centers along with 9 additional locations host monthly judgings throughout the US and Canada. The monthly judgings are open to the general public at varying times throughout the month. You can Find an AOS Judging Center near you. Check out the Orchid Judgings Calendar available dates.

Exhibiting at a Monthly Judging

You do not have to be an AOS member to exhibit a blooming orchid at a monthly judging and there is no entry fee. We do require that your plant have a correct species or hybrid name and be free of pests. It’s also a good idea to clean your plant up a bit (wipe off the leaves, and remove any dead leaves or old inflorescences), and possibly stake the inflorescence, so that the flowers are shown to their best advantage.

You will be asked to fill out a Judging Entry Form. Your plant will be placed on the table for consideration, and the best part is you can sit in with a judging team and hear how they research and evaluate the plants for possible awards. Plants are judged for different types of AOS Awards. It could receive a quality award, or a botanical award to a species, or the exhibitor could receive an award for their fabulous growing ability. Should it receive an award a fee is charged to cover administrative expenses with an easy way to Pay for Awards online.

For information on what to expect at a judging, and see how your plant might compare see this article from February 2022 Orchids magazine to find out.