Bud and Flower Problems

Flowers have spots or streaks

Flowers are physically deformed

Flower edges are translucent or brown
This can be caused by cold shock, sudden drying of the plant, or abnormal wind exposure but may also indicate a thrips infestation, especially if the problem worsens with time. Check your growing conditions and adjust the environment appropriately.
Missing or fused flower segments
This is either caused by a genetic mutation, sudden environmental change or excessive high or low temperatures during bud formation. Flower the plant again to confirm.

Flower bud abnormalities

Flowers are not opening properly
Plants do things based on water pressure, and if there’s not enough water, they can’t inflate and open properly. Increase watering and humidity, and watch out for root rot, as that may be a sneaky cause of this issue.

My orchid isn’t blooming

Too young
an orchid will not bloom if it is too young.

My orchid is blooming, but isn’t as expected

Harlequin Phalaenopsis
Spots will be larger and more coarse at cooler temperatures, and less coarse or more finely spaced with increased temperatures during flower formation and blooming.

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