Outreach Judging

One of the ways that our AOS judges give back to the community is to participate in outreach judging. Beginning in 2013, AOS judging centers began offering AOS-sanctioned outreach judgings as part of their ongoing commitment to engaging the AOS affiliated orchid societies and the orchid growing public with the process of orchid judging. This service, both practical and educational, is only available to AOS- affiliated orchid societies or orchid societies looking to be affiliated with the AOS.

Experience what judging is all about

Outreach judging is a great opportunity for the society members to experience what judging is all about. A team of AOS judges will attend a local society meeting, explain the judging process, and review the society bloom table/show-and-tell table to see if there are any worthy candidates. This is a great way for the society to learn and understand what characteristics make a flower of plant awardable.

You do not have to be an AOS member to exhibit a blooming orchid at an outreach judging and there is no entry fee. We do require that your plant have a correct species or hybrid name and be free of pests. It’s also a good idea to clean your plant up a bit (wipe off the leaves, and remove any dead leaves or old inflorescences), and possibly stake the inflorescence, so that the flowers are shown to their best advantage.

Plants are judged for different types of AOS Awards. It could receive a quality award, or a botanical award to a species, or you could receive an award for your fabulous growing ability. Should it receive an award a fee is charged to cover administrative expenses with an easy way to Pay for Awards online.

If your society would like to host an outreach judging, simply fill out a show application. While there is no fee for the event, the society will be responsible for securing a photographer for the event (which might incur a fee).