(pronounced: ak-ROHR-kiss)


Epidendreae subtribe Laeliinae

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Trailing epiphytes or terrestrials. Stems erect, leafy. Leaves alternate, distichous, articulate-jointed. Inflorescences terminal, fasciculate, few-flowered. Flowers cup-shaped. Sepals and petals free, subequal. Lip unlobed to obscurely three-lobulate, mostly free from the column, tubular at the base, the callus basal with transverse lamellate ridges towards the apex. Column stout, straight; pollinia 4, on individual caudicles.


From the Greek acros, meaning mountain peak, and orchis, meaning orchid, referring to the high elevation habitat.


A monotypic genus native to Costa Rica and Panama.

Care and Culture Card

See basic growing conditions and care information below.


Dressler, R. L. 1990. Acrorchis, a new genus from the mountains of Panama and Costa Rica. Orquídea(Mex.) 12:11-17.