Maxillaria Alliance

(pronounced: max-ih-LARE-ee-uh)

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The Maxillaria Alliance consists of 12 genera with about 720 species distributed throughout the Neotropics. There are two centers of distribution, one in Andean South American and the other in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest. The five most commonly grown genera in the Alliance are listed first below. It should be noted that the Maxillaria genus currently includes a number of once-recognized genera now considered synonyms – Brailiorchis, Camaridium, Christensonella, Cryptocentrum Heterotaxis, Hylaeorchis, Inti, Mapinguari, Maxillariella, Mormolyca, Nitidobulbon, Ornithidium, Pityphyllum, Rentinantha, Sauvetrea, and Trigonidium).

Care & Culture Sheet

A detailed Care & Culture Sheet for the genus can be found by clicking the link(s) below or scanning the QR Code; however, this sheet may not be representative of all plants in this alliance or genus.

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