Dendrobium Alliance

(pronounced: Den-DRO-bee-um)

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The Dendrobium Alliance at one time consisted of a number of different genera; however, as our understanding of genetic relationships between plants has evolved, these former genera have been reduced to synonymy with Dendrobium. Although, it is common to find plants in the horticultural trade labeled with the old names and likely will be for some time to come. Today, the Alliance consists of one megagenus (Dendrobium) comprising some 1,450 species, subdivided into 30 sections. Some of the more common former genera now synonymous with Dendrobium include: Cadetia, Dendrocoryne, Diplocaulobium, Cadetia, and Flickingeria
The genus ranges from Sri Lanka throughout tropical Asia and the Pacific region, north to Japan, east to Tahiti, and south to New Zealand.

Genera List

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