Coelogyne Alliance

(pronounced: see-LODGE-eh-nee)

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The Coelogyne Alliance consists of about 21 genera and approximately 680 species widely distributed in tropical Asia and the Pacific from Sri Lanka, through India, Southeast Asia, the Malay Archipelago, Taiwan, Japan, and the tropical Pacific islands east to Samoa. The genus Coelogyne is the largest with about 500 species and the most widely encountered in cultivation (now including the former genera Bracisepalum, Bulleyia, Chelonistele, Dendrochilum, Dickasonia, Entomophobia, Geesinkorchis, Gynoglottis, Ischnogyne, Nabaluia, Neogyna, Otochilus, Panisea, and Pholidota).

Care & Culture Sheet

A detailed Care & Culture Sheet for the genus can be found by clicking the link(s) below or scanning the QR Code; however, this sheet may not be representative of all plants in this alliance or genus.

Genera List

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