(pronounced: see-loh-GYE-ne or see-LODGE-eh-nee)


Coelogyneae subtribe Coelogyninae

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Caespitose to creeping or trailing epiphytes, lithophytes, or rarely terrestrials. Pseudobulbs ovoid to cylindric, often angled, usually glossy, subtended by clasping papery bracts. Inflorescences erect or pendent racemes, produced with the emerging new growth or from mature pseudobulbs, the floral bracts often conspicuous and enveloping the ovary. Flowers cupped or spreading, produced simultaneously or in succession, usually fragrant, white, yellow, or pale brown. Sepals and petals free, spreading, the petals usually narrower than the sepals, the dorsal sepal often concave and arching over the column. Lip three-lobed, usually +/- tubular, the callus of toothed or variously textured keels often associated with warty outgrowths on the midlobe. Column straight or arching, without foot, with conspicuous wings usually continuous with a large hooded clinandrium; pollinia 4, in two pairs, naked.


From the Greek koilos, meaning hollow, and gyne, meaning pistil or woman, referring to the deeply excavated stigma.


A genus of about 100 species throughout the Asian tropics.

Care and Culture Card

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