(pronounced: ay-deen-oh-KYE-luss)


Diurideae subtribe Caladeniinae


Diminutive terrestrials found individually or forming loose colonies. Rhizome subterranean, horizontal, subsimilar to the erect stems. Stems erect, gracile. Leaves solitary, sessile, shiny. Inflorescences erect, pedunculate, one-flowered, the peduncle equal to or longer than the stems. Flowers with the dorsal sepal concave, forming a hood over the column, the lateral sepals and petals free, spreading. Lip unlobed, recurved, with the callus of rows of erect, finger-like, glandular projections. Column erect, winged along its entire length, the wings extending beyond the anther to form a two-lobed, hooded clinandrium.


From the Greek aden, meaning gland, and cheilos, meaning lip, referring to the callus-covered midlobe of the lip.


A genus of perhaps two species native to Australia (New South Wales) and New Zealand.

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