(pronounced: ayn-HEN-ree-ah)


Cranichideae subtribe Goodyerinae; Aenhenrya is unique in the subtribe for having a solitary lateral stigma lobe projection.


Diminutive terrestrials forming a chain-like succulent subterranean rhizome without roots. Leaves one or two, apical, ovate. Inflorescences terminal, erect. Flowers 1--2, barely opening, the petals and dorsal sepal appressed. Lip obscurely three-lobed, the basal half boat-shaped, constricted at the middle, the apical half linear, with a pair of basal ridges composed of fleshy, finger-like trichomes. Column elongate, with an elongate rostellum; pollinia 2, grooved, on a common elongate linear stipe.


Named for A. N. Henry.


A monotypic genus endemic to southern India.

Care and Culture Card

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Sathis Kumar, C. and F. N. Rasmussen ####. The reappearance of Odontochilus rotundifolius Blatter and its transfer to Aenhenrya Gopalan (Orchidaceae). Novon, in press.