(pronounced: an-nek-toh-KYE-luss)


Cranichideae subtribe Goodyerinae

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Succulent terrestrials creeping by their prostrate rhizomes, the rhizomes rooting at the nodes. Stems erect, leafy at the apex. Leaves petiolate, usually richly veined and patterned, with tubular translucent sheaths. Inflorescences terminal, erect, pedunculate racemes. Flowers often secund. Sepals and petals free, the dorsal sepal and petals usually appressed forming a hood over the column, the lateral sepals usually spreading-reflexed, the sepals usually pubescent on the back. Lip saccate at the base, tubular at the middle with accessory flanges to either side, the apex bilobed with the lobes strongly divergent. Column short with a pair of narrow apical wings (stelidia), usually with two stigmas; pollinia 2, sessile on a common viscidium.


From the Greek anoiktos, meaning open, and cheilos, meaning lip, referring to the flared apex of the lip.


A genus of about 40 species extending from Sri Lanka to the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Care and Culture Card

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