(pronounced: ap-pen-DIK-yew-lah)


Podochileae subtribe Podochilinae. Appendicula is closely related to and superficially very similar to Podochilus which differs by having four rather than six pollinia.

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Caespitose epiphytes or rarely lithophytes or terrestrials. Stems slender, leafy, erect or pendent, simple or branched. Leaves numerous, alternate, distichous. Inflorescences sessile or pedunculate racemes, terminal or axillary, often with conspicuous floral bracts. Sepals fused at the base forming a sac, petals free, spreading. Lip unlobed, without callus. Column short, the rostellum elongate, bifid; pollinia 6, attached to a common viscidium.


From the Latin appendicula, a little appendix, referring to the appendiculate lip callus.


A genus of about 60 species from northeast India to New Guinea and the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

Care and Culture Card

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