(pronounced: ar-toh-RYE-mah)


Epidendreae subtribe Laeliinae. Closely related to Encyclia, which it superficially resembles, Artorima differs by the remarkably expanded, bilobed column wings and the slit-like stigma.

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Scrambling, climbing epiphytes. Rhizome prominent, rooting at the nodes along its length. Pseudobulbs conic-ovoid, well-spaced. Leaves several, clustered at the apex of the pseudobulb. Inflorescences erect, terminal, long-pedunculate panicles. Flowers showy, with spreading segments. Sepals subsimilar, subequal, elliptic, free. Petals obovate-pandurate, irregularly and broadly undulate. Lip three-lobed, with basal callus keels. Column straight, the anther bed shallowly hooded, the stigma slit-like, mostly hidden behind the column wings; pollinia 4.


From the Latin artus, meaning narrow or tight, and rima, meaning cleft, referring to the peculiar column and stigma structure.


A monotypic genus endemic to Mexico.

Care and Culture Card

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Greenwood, E. W. 1983. Artorima erubescens (Lindl.) Dressler y Pollard. Notas sobre el mecanismo de polinizacion. Orquídea(Mex.) 9(1):113-118.