(pronounced: awl-oh-SEE-pah-lum)


Cranichideae subtribe Spiranthinae

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Rosulate terrestrials with fleshy fasciculate roots. Leaves oblanceolate, petiolate. Inflorescences terminal erect pedunculate spicate racemes, the floral bracts conspicuous. Flowers not resupinate, tubular, green and white. Sepals fused for half their length into a tube, petals free. Lip obscurely three-lobed, long-clawed, with tooth-like thickenings near the base. Column fused to the dorsal sepal for half its length, with a foot, the rostellum short, triangular, notched at the apex; pollinia 2, on a common viscidium.


From the Greek aulos, meaning flute, and the Latin sepalum, meaning sepal, in reference to the sepaline tube.


A genus of four species from Mesoamerica.

Care and Culture Card

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