(pronounced: kow-SEE-ah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Oncidiinae

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Small caespitose epiphytes. Pseudobulbs ovoid-elliptic, strongly compressed, unifoliate, subtended by scarious, imbricating bracts. Leaves lanceolate. Inflorescences erect, few-flowered racemes. Dorsal sepal and petals subsimilar, free, spreading, the lateral sepals fused, forming a synsepal. Lip obscurely three-lobed, nestled in the synsepal, with a basal callus. Column very stout with the basal margins clasping the callus; pollinia two on a short stipe and minute viscidium.


Named for the type locality in the Department of Cauca, Colombia.


A monotypic genus native to Colombia and Venezuela.

Care and Culture Card

See basic growing conditions and care information below.


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