(pronounced: kawl-AR-thron)


Epidendreae subtribe Laeliinae

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Caespitose epiphytes. Pseudobulbs spindle-shaped, hollow. Leaves several, alternate, distichous, leathery, with conspicuous and persistent sheaths. Inflorescences terminal, long-pedunculate racemes, the floral bracts inconspicuous. Flowers white. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar. Lip unlobed or three-lobed, sessile, +/- high callus keels. Column stout, without a foot, with broad wings; pollinia 4, on individual caudicles.


From the Greek kaulos, meaning stem, and arthron, meaning joint, referring to the persistent leaf bases that accentuate the appearance of the nodes.


A genus of three species native to Central America, northern South America, Trinidad and Tobago. This genus was long known under the name Diacrium, a name that appears in hybrid combinations such as ? Diacattleya (Diacrium ? Cattleya). In nature the hollo

Care and Culture Card

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