(pronounced: sen-troh-STIG-mah)


Orchideae subtribe Habenariinae


Erect terrestrials arising from tuberous roots. Stems unbranched, leafy. Leaves erect, the basal leaves sheathing the stem. Inflorescences terminal, with conspicuously large floral bracts. Sepals and petals free. Lip three-lobed, fused to the column at the base, the lateral lobes entire or with multiple teeth, the spur elongate, cylindric. Column complex, the anther chambers adjacent, parallel, the stigmatic processes two-lobed, the lower lobes receptive, the upper lobes sterile and projecting upwards in front of the anther; pollinaria 2, with sectile pollinia, each with a long caudicle and minute viscidium.


From the Latin centrum, meaning center, and stigma, meaning stigma, referring to the central stigmatic cavity.


A genus of three species in tropical Africa.

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