(pronounced: SAYR-ah-TAN-drah)


Diseae subtribe Coryciinae


Terrestrials arising from fleshy fasciculate roots. Stems erect, unbranched. Leaves numerous, linear, in a basal rosette and scattered along the stems. Inflorescences terminal, densely-flowered racemes. Flowers numerous. Sepals and petals free, the dorsal sepal and petals appressed, forming a hood. Lip unlobed, clawed, +/- a small appendage. Column short, with elongate rostellum arms; pollinia 2.


From the Greek kerat, meaning horn, and aner, meaning stamen, referring to either the horn-like lip appendages or the horn-like rostellum arms.


A genus of three species endemic to South Africa. The genus Evota (Lindley) Rolfe is sometimes included in a broadly defined Ceratandra.

Care and Culture Card

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