(pronounced: shaw-bar-dee-EL-lah)


Maxillarieae subtribe Zygopetalinae

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Miniature epiphytes, without pseudobulbs, forming fan-shaped growths. Roots coarse, white. Leaves several, alternate, distichous, oblanceolate, petiolate. Inflorescences axillary scapes, appressed to the substrate. Flowers one to several, fleshy, nestled in the substrate. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar, subequal. Lip unlobed, strongly cupped, the callus transverse, smooth or shallowly ridged toward the base. Column stout, with a short foot and broad low wings; pollinia 4, in two tightly appressed pairs, on a common stipe and viscidium.


Named for its similarity to the orchid genus Chaubardia.


A genus of six species from Costa Rica to Peru.

Care and Culture Card

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