(pronounced: kol-LAY-bee-um)


subtribe Collabiinae, of unknown affinity.


Terrestrials, trailing by elongate prostrate rhizome segments, rarely subcaespitose. Pseudobulbs slender, cylindric, often curved. Leaves one, elliptic, sessile. Inflorescences terminal erect long-pedunculate racemes produced on a specialized leafless stem, the floral bracts often conspicuous. Flowers cupped. Sepals and petals free, spreading, subsimilar. Lip three-lobed, spurred, with longitudinal callus keels. Column elongate, somewhat club-shaped, without foot, with small subapical wings; pollinia 2, naked.


From the Latin collum, meaning neck, and labium, meaning lip, for the base of the lip which embraces the column like a collar.


A genus of 11 species ranging from the Himalayas to Fiji.

Care and Culture Card

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van der Burgh, W. and E. F. de Vogel 1997. Revision of the orchid genera Chrysoglossum, Collabium, Diglyphosa, and Pilophyllum (subtribe Collabiinae). Orch. Monogr. 8:135-174.